General Questions

Will my information be kept confidential ?

Yes, medical information at the American Center is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Who should I see, a psychiatrist or a psychologist ? What is the difference ?

A psychiatrist is a medically trained professional that can prescribe medication to treat illnesses. A psychologist is a professional trained in the art and science of therapy and counseling and does not prescribe medication. In general psychiatrists and psychologists collaborate on treating patients, therefore, we recommended a consult with a psychiatrist first who may then refer you to a psychologist after a medical intervention has been implemented.

What kind of services do you provide at the American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology ?

The American Center provides psychiatric and neurological medical consultations, as well as clinical therapy and counseling by highly trained staff. In addition, we house an advanced neurophysiology and sleep lab to provide diagnostic procedures such as nerve conduction studies, EEG tests and sleep studies.

Location Questions

Where are you located ?

The American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology is located in “Al Manasir, the Intersection of 11th & 26th St., after French Embassy in Abu Dhabi, in Office S01 & S02, 2nd Floor, Sunset Mall, Jumeirah 3, in Dubai and in Halwan Suburb, Sheikh Zayed St. Villa No. 1 in Sharjah.

Appointment Questions

How long will my appointment take ?

The length of your visit depends on the type of service provided. Psychiatric and Neurological consultations take 30 minutes for an initial assessment and 15 minutes for follow up appointments. Sessions with a psychologist generally take 1 hour.

How do I make an appointment ?

Appointments can be made by calling the American Center reception staff at 800-(ACPN)2276 for appointment in Abu Dhabi, 04 314 1000 for appointment in Dubai, or 06 512 5000 for appointment in Sharjah.

What if I have to reschedule an appointment ?

If you have an appointment that must be rescheduled please call reception at 02 697 9999 for appointments in Abu Dhabi, 04 314 1000 for appointments in Dubai, 06 512 5000 for appointments in Dubai  and inform them 24 hours in advance. As your physician’s time comes at a premium, a fee will be added to your next appointment if 24 hour notice of cancellation is not given.