Our Psychology Department provides services to adults and young people over the age of 12 years. Younger children and young people 12-18 years old with primarily educational difficulties, rather than primarily emotional problems are served through Children’s Services.

Psychology services provide a wide range of interventions from counselling for personal and emotional problems to therapy for severe and complex mental health problems, including borderline personality disorder, bi-polar disorder and obsessional compulsive disorder.

The clinical psychologists working in the service draw from a range of models, but predominantly work from a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy [CBT] perspective. They work with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessional compulsive disorders, the impact of trauma, eating disorders, addiction, borderline personality disorder and many other problems. They also provide psychometric assessment services to patients following traumatic brain injury, strokes and other neurological problems as well as carrying out dementia assessments. Pain management intervention is also available in conjunction with our Neurology Team.

Counselling psychologists and counsellors draw from solution focused and attachment models as well as using some CBT techniques. They provide assistance with stress related problems, depression, anxiety, trauma, weight management issues, work related difficulties, grief and bereavement, relationship problems and a range of other issues.

Crisis management and de-briefing services are also available to Companies following critical incidents in the work place. Psychologists play an integral role in the Employee Assistance Services provided by ACPN.

Members from the psychology department work as part of the Eating Disorder, Aviation and Addiction teams at ACPN.
Specialized interventions are also available to couples seeking counselling for marital problems or psychosexual issues.