Dr. Carole Chidiac

Family Medicine Specialist


Dr. Carole Wehbe Chidiac is a Specialist in Family Medicine at ACPN. She completed her specialization in Family Medicine along with her diploma in epidemiology from the Saint Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon; a collaboration with Montreal University Canada and American University of Beirut with her being the first SJU Family Medicine graduate in the year 1998. Post her specialization, she obtained sub-specialist qualifications in Occupational & Environmental Medicine including Aviation Medicine, Diving Medicine, and Offshore Oil and Gas Medicals. She also specializes in Nutrition & Mental Wellness with qualifications in Eating Disorders from the UK and the US.

Dr. Chidiac has just over two decades of experience in Family Medicine working with GMC Clinics in Dubai. Since 2011, she held the post of Medical Director and Specialist in Family Medicine at GMC Clinics. She focuses on evidence-based practices of acute and chronic disorders.

Her approach to treatment constitutes patient physical and mental wellbeing, biopsychosocial approach, involving health education, and treatment through holistic counselling and medicine. She is a renowned speaker and presenter at various medical conferences and has authored and coauthored various medical articles in the realm of family medicine.

Coupled with a core focus on Occupational Medicine and Nutrition & Mental Wellness, her interests include management of eating disorders, obesity treatment, occupational & environmental medicine, as well as nutritional & mental health and well-being. She is an accredited medical examiner by the General Civil Aviation Authority, Federal Aviation Authority, and Oil & Gas UK as well as Diving Examiner.

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