Dr. Faranak Nowbakht

Dr. Faranak Nowbakht is a licensed Clinical Psychologist under the Health Care Professional Act in the Netherlands and also in the UAE through DOH And DHA. In 2002, she completed her post doctorate degree as a Clinical Health Care Psychologist and in 1999, she obtained her doctoral degree as a Clinical Psychologist at Utrecht University in The Netherlands. In 2003, she obtained an additional degree as a Forensic Psychologist from the Forensic Psychiatric Service Department of the Ministry of Justice in The Netherlands.

She has more than 17-years of experience and specialization in applied clinical/health care psychology and psychotherapy. In addition to her therapeutic work, she is qualified to carry out psychometric assessments of adults, adolescents and children (psycho-educational assessment, cognitive, behavioral and personality assessments).

She worked from 1995 until 2004 at the Regional Institution for Mental Health, (in-out patient, crisis intervention centers and after care psychiatric departments) in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and from 2002 until 2008, also as a forensic psychologist at the Department of Criminal Justice in Utrecht and The Hague, The Netherlands. And until 2012, she also worked at the State Welfare Organization, Prevention and Addiction Department, private practice and at the Addiction and Research Center in Tehran, Iran. Before joining the American Center of Psychiatry and Neurology (ACPN), she was working at the Mirdif Center for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation in Dubai, UAE.

Her expertise includes providing mental health services for individuals and groups. This includes, substance abuse diagnosis and treatment, depression, anxiety (phobias, social anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorders), psycho-somatic, personality and mental disorders, acculturation, adjustment problems, identity problems, marriage problems, and child disorders in parent-child conflicts. In addition she has worked on the psycho-pathological evaluation of suspects for use in court and for eventual psychopathology.

She has also worked within multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams and has experience in the treatment of multi-cultural clients (adults, adolescents, elderly and children). She is fluent in Dutch, English and Farsi.

Nationality: Dutch

Spoken Language/s: Dutch, English, Farsi


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