Employees Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

At times life can get a bit overwhelming. It is appropriate to seek help with any situation that:

  • Occupies considerable time in your thoughts.
  • Has you constantly telling yourself, “it’s not really that bad,” or “it will get better with time,” but which has not improved.
  • Causes physical symptoms.
  • Drains your energy and enthusiasm.
  • Makes you wish that there was somewhere to turn for help.

What is EAP?
EAP is a confidential and comprehensive assessment, short-term counselling, and referral service for employees and their family members who are experiencing personal or work-related problems that have a negative impact on work performance or personal life. 
EAP is designed to diminish risk, reduce costs, and enhance employee productivity, leading to a more energetic, positive, and productive workplace.

What we offer?
Counselling Services – Qualified counsellors can provide support to help employees, either over the phone or in-person.
Information Services – The program’s information services can equip employees with essential knowledge to resolve issues at work or in their personal lives. 
Management Support – Focusing on the human side of management, this service provides managers with impartial expert advice and guidance in dealing with the many difficult situations they can face on a daily basis.
Critical Incident Services – Available 24/7, this service provides over-the-phone advice to managers on the best course of action to support employees in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident.

To know more about our corporate services, call our team at 800 ACPN (800 2276) or send us an email at

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