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"My Experience with the ACPN (American Center for Psychiatry & Neurology) has been one of the main turning points in my life. I used to be a skeptic regarding psychiatry and psychotherapy. But one day I had to get an "assessment " of my mental health before joining an institution, and on that day I met Dr. Mazen. I thought to myself "since i am here, might as well share my struggles with anger and anxiety and see what guidance i might find".

Before i knew it, i found myself committed to a weekly schedule, never missed a single session for about six months. I have undergone an amazing journey into myself, my relationships and my drives in life, and have acquired an immense amount of insight that made me recognize how i was creating that anxiety and anger without knowing !

I have changed my daily routine from the moment i wake up, to the moment i fall asleep, and as a side effect of all those positive changes and great insights, my career has been taking a turn to amazing heights, also the relationships that were the most challenging are now at a place they never been to in terms of love and affection, and i am on my path to living a more authentic, passionate life thanks to all the help and support i received from ACPN and more specifically Dr. Mazen"

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