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"My niece is 8 and half years. she is having medical consultation in ACPN with Dr. Daniela Graf she was diagnosed with Selective Mutism. she was afraid to talk or communicate with her school Matt's or any stranger outside family members.

She is now under medication since 1 year and she started talking in school and plays with neighbors. and she starts participating in the classroom activities and performing in front of her class.

that is a big achievement."

Fatma Mostafa

"Dr.Samer Makhoul, thanks alot for taking me out of the 3 years straight of severe depression and anxiety.
The best medical center when it comes to curing and taking care of the hardest cases of suffering.
Id pay for my health and wait for the proper doctor diagnosis other than going to a zero patient clinic with no patients for the sake of speed."

Dee Jay

"Professional staff. Clean. Valet parking. Pharmacy next door. Dr. Al Saadi is a Godsend."

Rania Ayesh

"Highly recommend Dr. Kenneth, he is great! He is easy to confide in and is genuine in hearing and helping you out. Additionally, he is exceptionally warm and kind. Good job!"

Rebecca Malhotra

"This clinic is amazing. Everyone is very helpful and caring. Dr Nasser El Hindi saved my life. He is the best psychiatrist ever. This clinic also works with most insurances and the receptionists and call operators are all very helpful, kind, patient and sweet. I highly recommend this place to anyone who feels like they need any sort of help. They also have a family medicine doctor."

Arwa A.

"I have been visiting the center for almost 2years, Dr naser is the best, and Mrs Natalie so clever, supportive , last but not least miss Mariam at the reception, such a decent person, helpful, kind, she really cares about the patient requests among all others."

Reva De

"I have been going to ACPN for a year now and I must say that seeing Dr. Carine Hadati has been one of the best decisions I have made. She has truly made a huge impact on my life and I am very thankful to her and Mrs. Hala. I feel I am in safe hands and I know they have my best interest in mind."

Chi Sab



"Great practice! The staff on reception are always very friendly and proactive. I would like to also give a personal recommendation to David Lee. He is extremely understanding, and has been excellent in helping me to try and improve my life during a difficult time."

Tom Keating


"My experience with American Centre was very positive, it did affect my whole life positively and changed me to be a better person. They have amazing friendly staff who will support at any time at all levels.
They changed my life perspective and helped me move on, defeating my fears and all the negative thoughts/feelings."

Thank you to each and everyone at American center

Rasha Othman

"I highly recommend Dr Carole Chidiac, having her as our family doctor has been a very rewarding medical & human journey as she is extremely knowledgeable and highly dedicated to her patients. She cares to improve our health more than we do and manages to create a climate of trust in nano seconds with impressive results.
Came to ACPN thanks to her and ended up meeting other clinicians too who work in total synchronicity with each other for the sake of the patient.

Dr Sara Michli is also very dedicated, and manages to create rapid solid change from day 1, which is impressive... really impressive.

Carina Khoury is the cutest dietitian with a contagious energy and she truly cares to understand eating patterns so she can tailor made a diet suitable to us.

Leila, at the reception has been very efficient with her follow-ups on our requests."

N Hayek

"I just wanted to share my amazing experience at your clinic.
I have visited today as my husband had appointment with amazing DR. MOHAMED HAFEZ.
(Remarkable doctor i must say)

Once i entered i have noticed how clean and super organized everything is, covid-19 secure, everyone is wearing masks and keeping social distance!

I must say that i was woowed by custumer service, lady by name Katarina has such warm, smooth way of dealing with custumers, has explained everything we wanted to know and even more!
I wish Dubai has more custumer representatievs like her! God Bless!"

Monika Milicevic

"The most professional and dedicated team fighting for mental health and eating disorders in the region. Searched around the world and it is only here that my life began to change. Thank you."

Dina Dahmash

"This review is about Dr. Najwan Al-Roubaiy. I’ve been wanting to write this review ages ago but i was waiting for the right time, the time i truly felt happy and mentally healthy. I have been suffering with mental health for the past 8 years of my life. As time passed things just kept on getting worse, i have been to a lot of different doctors, tried different kinds of psychotherapy, always felt a slight improvement, but never actually felt i was even close to recovery.

I finally saw Dr. Najwan 2 years ago, and i can confidently say that he is one of the most knowledgeable and professional doctors in his field. After seeing Dr. Najwan for a couple of times he was able to figure out what was exactly going on, and started me on the road to recovery. For me the thing that made a big difference in the treatment was that you feel he is fully engaged when trying to explain something to you, or trying to explain for you what you are going through, he goes that extra mile in his talking, he perfectly gets the message across.

After a lot of therapy i can tell you it takes an effort for a therapist to do that.  I never felt rushed or unheard, never felt hanging or dissatisfied, and most importantly didn’t feel that it was just another session, every session counted and every session lifted me up further, thanks to his effort. For all the folks out there suffering, do not give up, there is always light in the end!!!"


"Amazing team & Great care!"


"Amazing place they help a lot and support."

Fares Mohammed

"I usually don’t write review on here, however, this place really does deserve one. My experience has been nothing short from amazing, and smooth. I believe when someone seeks such clinics, they would appreciate privacy, sensitivity, and professionalism, all of which are this clinic’s highlights. I went to see Dr. David who has been extremely helpful and got me through a difficult time and I’m so glad i did see him, I would really recommend him to anyone.   from the first minute i walked in, we just clicked, he understood me, and i felt really comfortable talking to him. Thank you Doc"

Basel Kilani

"Been a patient of Dr. Nasser Elhindy for 3 years now. I don’t usually say this lightly but the man has literally changed me life.

Three years ago I was in a very bad place, suffering from obesity, depression and anxiety issues.
I got the courage and googled best Psychiatric in dubai and Dr. Nasser name and the American center for Psych showed up. Decided to book and see him. It was one of the best decisions I took in my life.

At first I was under the impression of psychiatry being a taboo in this region. But in time I got convinced with the whole system of how it works.

Don’t think twice please, just go for a consultation first then see how it goes from there.
First few weeks were a bit tough until finding the right medication but it’s all worth it. Believe me.
Now I love my life. I look forward to doing stuff."

Dubaian Wolf

"Best psychological and psychiatric center. Starting from the reception team they are friendly, helpful, specially Mariam she’s amazing and very helpful. Ms Nathalie i have been with her from almost 2 years ago . She is amazing and professional psychologist. She helped me a lot . She changed my life to the best . All of them are so nice and friendly. I feel that they are my family. Really I recommend this center 100%.
Love you all"

Rania Saleh

"Our school recommended us Dr Daniella and they were right. She is just very professional and knew exactly how treat our problem. My son had been stable since then, and it's a life changing point for the entire family. I personally highly recommend Dr Daniela."


"I remember for when I arrived at the center for the first time how I was tired from obesity. Dr. Carine gave me hope at that time to lose weight. I could not believe in one day that I would lose my weight. She is very smart in convincing me to lose weight and played an effective role in changing my mind and life as well. Also she followed up on my case more than me. Thanks doctor for everything you have done for me. I do advise anyone who have hard mind and want to lose weight at the same time to visit Dr. Karina at the American Center"

Zainab Alali

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